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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I miss my daddy badly T.T

I never say this such thing with my dad before
Do you believe that a daughter is her father past life lover?
Now,i believe 

Feel...i'm did something wrong with my dad
Today i told him that i never told him before
include i love him..
Today was really touched by the love of my dad

I know
I'm the one who always made him worried
Because my parents didn't be my side all the time
I know
In the eyes of my parents
I'm still a child
I should listen to them
but today
I told them i have grown up
I want to make some decision by myself
I don't want them worry about me again
I know again
when i said these word 
would made then sad again

and when i received the message from my dad
I cried at that time
Altough just is a short sentence
I can felt the love from my dad

I promise that i will protect myself
I wouldn't make you worry about me again
and i promise that if one day
I said "IF"
I'm alone
I will accompany you forever
To make up the day we didn't together
from i'm a child until now

You are the one who is important in my life.

Bless the whole world's have a good relationship between parents and their children