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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

AP rally 6 + My 20th Birthday + Sista's wedding + Cousin's Wedding

AP rally + My 20th Birthday
AP rally was started that day
there are so many people
they were come from so many place
such as:
Hong Kong
West/East Malaysia

the early morning prepared to attend for AP rally
AP rally is a great conference
i had to received so many blessing from here
also got newer power from Pastor Edsilvoso
when i had done this conference
i learned to bless
every business place that i had to see,
the people i had to see or
the one who i hated before,
i bless my family
hope that i can see the miracle as soon as posible,
i proclaim that God will do transform in my FAMILY.


that day is my 20th birthday also
thanks a lot to the one who had given me the birthday bless
My beloved Yang & XQ
Yang is the 1st one to give me the birthday bless
on 31/5/2011(tuesday) 23:59
still remember that last year
i nao pi qi with him
because his not the 1st one to bless me
haha,so childish
whatever u are the 1st one or last one
your blessing was the most important to me
i'm happy to received your greeting
thanks a lot for her

Thanks a lot to AOH'09
who had celebrate my birthday with me
felling supprise because
i though that didn't have a cake for me this year
but finally

i just can say that:
so great i have a cute's friends like u guys

and i pray to wish for somethingSSSSS

My cute's FRIENDS
after this we had a dinner
is supper i think
when we finish supper
i had taken photo with them 1 by 1

thanks a lot to u guys
because of u guys,i had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Sista's Wedding
that day i'm so busy
i gonna tidy up our bed room
there have 2 reason to explain why i want to tidy up our bed room
Photobucket have some relative come from Miri & Limbang stay at our home
Photobucket the bed room like the "ji wo"

in the morning
when i finished eat long life mee
i would help my mum to make up
because after that we had no time to do such thing again
and my sista would come back soon from make up
after that i would help my sista to wear up the wedding dress
and then..
i also is a camera women that day..
1 word can say,that is:

at afternoon when i'm "金喜楼"
with my cousin:Cherrie

with my cousin too

so cute >.<

My sista and bro in law
another one is my Father
is it hamsome???

My Cousin's wedding
so many people got married in this few days

we had dinner at Tanahmas

when i prepare going to Tanahmas


when i finished dinner
there have a mirror at Lobby
so i took photo again

Another day!!!
lunch again at "金喜楼"