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Monday, November 22, 2010


Haha i'm taking photo with "THE ROCK"... it's long time did'nt take photo with him his cute... i'm his Aunty(姑姑) LOL... old already but it's okay... luckily... i'm the last one that means... i'm 小姑... nowsaday.. his learning want to talking... he called me "gai gu" means=小姑 and he also learning ABC nowsaday... when he learn "W" he called "W" as "beh bah" cute is it?

Photobucket Tomorrow,is the important's day..

it can change my future

that is "STPM"

i'm nervous


GOD will lead me all the way making-sweetness

i'll believe in God!!

GOD will give me power to face all of them!!


Xiuwen Photobucket

u can do it...

and wish me GOOD LUCK!!

Photobucket Today

i think i'm do something wrong again...

because i though my darling is coming back to Sibu..

why i'll though?

because i saw Cindy's facebook wall wrotemaking-sweetness

"movie with biao ge.."

Cindy got any biao ge at Sibu now?


why he did'nt find me nowsaday?

then i think..

may be is other biao ge...

sorry for that i'm thinking too much...


i'll get ready to receive ur supprise...

this time is not same with last time...


because i think the day is coming soon...

making-sweetness i gonna want to study now

wish all the best in my exam


i believe i can do it


don't give up..

be the better one..